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Useful software
EditPlus is a Japanese-ready text editor that is also useful for HTML coding. It has a Find feature that allows you to search for Japanese text strings using regular expressions.
KWIC Finder is a dedicated search tool that allows you to find strings in PDF, Word, Excel and Powerpoint files. It has the useful side-benefit of enabling Japanese text to be extracted from PDF files for counting or editing.

Online dictionaries & terminology sources
Eijiro on the Web is a good general-purpose dictionary for Japanese/English translators.
Jim Breen's WWWJDIC project has a good set of dictionaries and is particularly useful for looking up Japanese personal and place names.
The Honyaku search site has an up-to-date archive of postings from the translation mailing list of that name.
JeKai is recent project compiling terms not normally found in dictionaries.

News & information
Some good places to find out the latest news from Japan in English, as well as information about the country, are

Computing in Japanese
A useful article on Viewing and Inputting Japanese Text in Windows
John De Hoog's article on Japanese email programs
Jim Breen's Japanese page includes lots of useful downloads for those interested in the Japanese language
The Nihongo Computing site has a comprehensive list of links on this topic

Linux is increasingly Japanese-capable. It is now possible to read and enter Japanese text in all of the basic types of application (word processor, email, browser etc.). Here is an article describing how to set up Mandrake for Japanese.

Buying books from Japan
Buying Japanese books outside Japan is very expensive, often triple the cover price. Books can be ordered from overseas from: Kinokuniya, although you have to be able read Japanese to do this.
Amazon Japan