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Things to consider when asking for a quotation or placing an order for translation

Word and character counts
Quotations for Japanese-to-English translation are based on the number of Japanese characters in the original (source text). As a rough guideline, 2 characters produces 1 word of English (although this can vary depending on the type of material).
If the original document is in electronic format, the word count can usually be obtained from the word count function in MS Word (note that MS Word does not count text in text boxes - this has to be added).
If the document is in paper format, we will do the character count manually.

Delivery method & format
Translations can be returned to you by email, post, fax or FTP (if applicable). Please specify the required delivery method.
Remember to state whether you require the document returned in a specific format (i.e. Word, RTF, text, PDF, Excel or other file format).

British or American English?
Consider whether you require British or US English in the translation. Besides differences in spelling (aluminium vs aluminum, grey vs gray), there are many differences in vocabulary and usage (mobile vs cellphone, lecturer vs assistant professor).

Supporting material
Please let us know whether you have any background information that could help us to ensure that the correct terminology is used for your translation, and direct us to any relevant Web-based resources.

Your deadline
Please specify a definite deadline when submitting a request for a translation (rather than "as soon as possible") to help us schedule your work.

Faxing documents
Japanese type can be difficult to read when faxed (especially if it has been refaxed). Please use the finest resolution on your fax machine when sending a source document to us by fax.