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36 Arlington Road
Surbiton, Surrey

Email: andy@jlink.co.uk
Tel.: 44-20-8390-9616
Fax: 44-20-8406-5087
Mobile: 07973-104970


To get a quotation for your work, please email us including as many details as possible. The basic information required to give you an informed quotation is as follows:

For translation:
An idea of the subject matter
Approximate volume (the number of words/characters, or failing that, the number of pages). We will work this out for you if you don't know it.
Your deadline for receiving the translation back
Date when the source material is available
Details of any supporting material available to help the translator
Your required delivery method (email, fax, hard copy, FTP) and format (Word file, Excel file, PDF etc.)
Whether you require British or American English in your translation

See More about translation for further details.

For interpreting:
An idea of the subject matter
The situation (business meeting, factory visit, conference etc.)
The type of interpretation you need (facilitator, ad hoc/consecutive, whispering, simultaneous)
The dates involved

See More about interpreting for further details.